About VSC:

A consumer based retail shopping tool.  Offering a live stream session with a professional wardrobe stylist, while you’re shopping online or in-store and on-the-go.

Who likes shopping alone? Our wardrobe stylists are here to accompany you and to simplify the process.  By weighing in on what works best for you; based on what’s trending, your body type, or dressing for the occasion.  We’ll live stream with you while you shop various online retailers and aid you in putting together the perfect look.  It doesn’t matter if you’re on-the-go because we’re still here to assist. And absolutely no worries if you’re shopping for someone else, we also got you covered. For sharing is caring.

Necessary Software:

Shoppers access the free video chat streaming service to connect with our stylists:

  1. Zoom (we provide streaming link)

3 Step Easy Process:

  1. Purchase session via this website or via www.wearthis.net.
  2. Review our confirmation email and select the time that you would like to go shopping.
    ** Confirmation emails are sent the same day of session purchase.**
  3. Access link that we provide and begin your virtual shopping companion shopping experience.
Virtual Shopping Companion
VSC-Closet Raiders